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 [Issue #5] Unite the Six: Shocking Turn of Events!

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PostSubject: [Issue #5] Unite the Six: Shocking Turn of Events!   Fri Mar 18, 2016 7:58 pm

The Adamant Spider-Man #5

"Unite the Six: Shocking Turn of Events!"

Several weeks have passed since Spider-Man's dispute with Tombstone, Cache Valley has returned to the peaceful state that it was once in. At least, it's trying to. OVer these past few weeks, Spider-Man has still been an active vigilante taking care of crime despite Tombstone vanishing without a trace to follow. Jared Gereau, the man behind the Spider-Man mask has put it upon himself to clean the valley of it's crime. Spider-Man has become tremendously popular due to the news plastering his face on every news station and newspaper article in the state of Utah. This didn't bother Jared at all though, he was glad he was causing so much of a change within the state. But he didn't let the popularity and power get to his head, every night he would patrol the streets of Logan and listen in on radio transmissions in case he was needed, normally it was pretty boring.

But tonight was unlike any other night, it was overcast and dark but that's not what made it different.

Standing on top of the Wells Fargo building on the south end of main street, Spider-Man looked down at the street below him as all seemed calm. Feeling a ringing in his head, he realized his spider sense was going off, he quickly looked around and heard police sirens in the distance. Straining his eyes to see what was going on, an armored truck quickly sped down the street heading north, behind it trailed a fast sports car and three police cars chasing after the sports car.

"An armored truck racing down main street, huh?" Spider-Man spoke out loud to himself. "That's a new one to add to the list." He quickly jumped off of the side of the rooftop and shot a web at the Wells Fargo logo, he pulled himself forward to give himself a little momentum so he could start swinging. Over these past few weeks, Jared had been practicing with web swinging on such small buildings and realized how to use his momentum to move himself as fast as he wanted.

Swinging through main street, Spider-Man eventually came over the top of the three cop cars, he dropped down and landed on the roof of one of the cars as they swayed back and forth trying to catch up to the sports car.

"Spidey, down here!" A voice shouted up at Spider-Man causing the masked vigilante to peer over the side. "You gotta try and stop that sports car, they're trying to ram that armored car off of the road!"

"Any reason why, officer?" Spider-Man shouted back over the roaring wind and gunfire. The officer shrugged his shoulders and dove back into his car as bullets flew past Spider-Man's head. Turning his head to peer up at the sports car, it was gaining speed and swaying side to side as if it was trying to get a good angle for shooting the driver. Shooting a strand of webbing up at the sports car, Spider-Man pulled himself and shot through the air towards the car, but he was too late.

An arm reached out of the driver's window as soon as Spider-Man landed on the roof of the car, the metallic gauntlet on the arm started glowing green as a huge vibration blast erupted from the driver's hand. The blast was so immense that it send Spider-Man flying off of the car and onto the road behind it. The police cars stopped to avoid running over Spider-Man as they watched the blast hit the armored truck and completely flip it. Hitting the road on it's side, the armored truck did several rolls with chunks of it falling off until it eventually landed on it's right side.

"What the hell was that?" Spider-Man muttered as he shakily got to his feet, the police barricaded the road with their cars to prevent any civilians from interfering. A figure stepped out of the driver's seat as crowds of people gathered on the sidewalks and behind the cop cars to see what was going on. The first thing that Spider-Man could see was the driver's black military boots as he stepped onto the road, he then caught a glimpse of the maroon colored pants and coat that he was wearing, but nothing could prepare him for what he saw next. As a shirt and as a mask, the driver appeared to be wearing a dark yellow ski mask without a mouth hole, the texture on the shirt and mask looked like it was made out of a quilt.

Trying to hold in a laugh, Spider-Man gave into his urges and let out a huge chuckle as he pointed at the driver. "What are you wearin', man?" He shouted in between laughs. "Were your grandma's curtains in the washer so you had to take her quilt instead?" This aggravated the driver.

"You're so much more annoying in person, kid!" He aimed an arm at his own car and fired another one of those clear, wave-like blasts shot at it, flipping the car towards Spider-Man. Upon firing the blast, the crowd of civilians covered their ears due to the deafening sound vibrations that the blast was giving off. Spider-Man widened his eyes as he quickly shot webs onto nearby light poles to create a web shield in between the police cars and himself. Jumping over the sports car just in the nick of time, Spider-Man was relieved to see that his web shield stopped it from destroying the cop cars and killing the officers inside them.

"So that's your gimmick?" Spider-Man taunted as he landed on the ground and started walking towards the driver. "Shooting out green vibration beams at armored cars and spider-powered heroes? I'm tempted to call you the 'Vibrator'."

"Y'all can call me the Shocker." The Shocker retorted as he aimed a hand at the civilians, warning them to stay out of the streets.

"Oooh, the Shocker? That's even dirtier." Spider-Man joked as he held a hand out and shot a web towards the Shocker, who held his hands up trying to block the web. Attaching it onto his gauntlets, Spider-Man propelled himself towards his enemy preparing for an attack. But the Shocker quickly threw his hands apart, tearing the web. He held an arm out and the gauntlet on his arm glowed green as he fired another one of his vibration blasts at Spider-Man from point blank range.

"URK!" Spider-Man grunted as his body jolted back, his entire body rang from the vibrations along with his spider sense going off as he went flying up into the air. Recoiling from the attack, Spider-Man flipped and fired two webs at the Shocker once more to try and close in for another attack. Shocker stepped back and let the webs hit the ground, he watched as Spider-Man shot to the ground and lunged forward for a punch.

Lifting a gauntlet up, the Shocker blocked Spider-Man's punch, much to both of their surprises. Thrusting his arm to the side to knock Spider-Man off balance, Shocker followed up with a swift backhand to the face with his other hand, sending the masked vigilante flying to the side of the street.

Pushing himself up from the ground, Spider-Man lifted his head to stare up at Shocker, who shifted his body to look at the fallen hero. "Those gloves must have cost you a fortune, Shock. You officially are my greatest super villain on my villain list, with a total of one member, you!" Shocker angrily lifted one of his arms up and his gauntlet started glowing green, causing Spider-Man to quickly get to his feet. Turning his head, Spider-Man noticed a few kids behind him that would get killed if they were caught in the blast.

Jumping back onto the sidewalk, Spider-Man quickly picked up a young girl and a young boy in his arms just as the blast left Shocker's gauntlet.

"Everybody MOVE!" Spider-Man shouted to nearby civilians, sending them scattering. Diving out of the way, Spider-Man and the two children narrowly dodged Shocker's blast as he smashed into the building next to them, completely shattering the windows and bricks on it. Letting go of the kids, Spider-Man ushered them back to their parents.

"Thank you Spider-Man!" The kids shouted. "Thank you so much!" Their parents followed up. Spider-Man nodded and heard another blast coming his way. He jumped in front of the civilians, taking the majority of the blast himself. He skidded to a halt as he looked around, realizing his body wasn't enough to stop the blast as a few civilians were knocked out and bleeding on the sidewalk around him.

"T..That was the last straw, Shocker!" Spider-Man shouted through his grit teeth. He thrust an arm forward and shot a web towards the ground next to Shocker's feet, pulling himself towards the villain. The Shocker stepped on the web trying to detach it, but Spider-Man quickly rolled onto the street next to him, throwing an uppercut into the quilted man's chin.

~J..~ Something rang in Spider-Man's ear as Shocker landed the ground in front of him. "Huh?" Spider-Man muttered, holding a finger up to his ear. ~J-ared.. C-C-Can you hear me?~ A static toned, female voice rang through the earpiece in Spider-Man's left ear, he used it on his patrols to listen to police radio transmissions and to get special guidance from a friend of his.

"Cassie, I hear ya just fine!" Spider-Man muttered as he looked down at Shocker. "Thanks dude, that vibration blast must've fixed the earpiece in my ear."

"Heh?" Shocker muttered as he got to his feet. "You've been recording this for the police force this whole time so they could call for backup huh?"

"Oh, hold up, I'm getting a call." Spider-Man retorted as he lifted up his index finger and turned away from the Shocker, angering the villain. "What do you need?" He said through his earpiece to Cassie.

~I can see your entire fight on the news right now, you and that guy you're fighting are live on television!~ Cassie spoke. She watched the television in her room, Spider-Man was seen on the screen looking around for something. Landing his eyes on the news chopper that was capturing the whole event, Spider-Man waved towards the camera, waving through the television to Cassie.

"I don't think this is a huge deal for the live news, I'm just fighting a guy in his grandma's quilt." Spider-Man continued as his spider sense went off, he jumped into the air as one of Shocker's vibration blasts flew past under his feet.

~Do you have any idea what's in that armored car?~ Cassie asked, Spider-Man could hear barely hear her typing on a keyboard. ~That's one of the transport trucks from the prison on the north end of the valley, someone is in there and that 'quilt guy' is going after him.~

"Really? Shockey's got a date huh?" Spider-Man taunted as he hopped around the area, dodging Shocker's blasts and rescuing civilians from their path. "Oh, hold on Cass, I'm gonna take this guy out now so he doesn't hurt any more of these people, the paramedics just got here and are taking everyone that is injured away."

Spider-Man rushed forward as Shocker lifted both of his arms up and aimed them at the masked vigilante, the two gauntlets glowed green as he fired the strongest blast he could. Spider-Man quickly jumped over the blast, crossing his arms and shooting two strands of webbing down onto the gauntlets. Uncrossing his arms, Spider-Man caused Shocker to yank his arms together causing Shocker's own blasts to hit his arms, short circuiting them. Landing on the ground, Spider-Man looked at Shocker, who fell to the ground in pain.

"Play time's over, alright pal?" Spider-Man muttered as he heard something banging in the armored truck from earlier, as if it were trying to get out. Shocker laughed underneath his mask. "Y'all don't know, it's just starting." Just then, something kicked open the doors of the truck and flew out from the wreckage, it had wings, large wings.

"What the heeeeeck?" Spider-Man toned his lanuage down realizing that kids were around him. The bird-like figure did a circle in the air and then dive bombed directly towards Spider-Man. Getting a close enough view, Spider-Man realized it was just a man wearing a huge, bird-like suit, as if tonight could get any weirder. The bird-man kicked Spider-Man in the face, knocking him back, and then quickly scooped Shocker up and the two flew off into the sky.

"Freeze!" The police shouted as they emerged from behind the web shield from earlier, firing their guns up at the bird-man who narrowly dodged all of them.

~Well, I think that's a sign you need to call it a night, we have school tomorrow.~ Cassie muttered through the earpiece, seeming to forget that a bird man and his partner are on the loose.

"You get some sleep, I'm going to stick around and help the police with this mess, none of them can push over an armored truck after all." Spider-Man joked. "I'll see you at school in the morning."

After saying his good nights to his friend, Spider-Man turned around to see the damage that the fight had caused, nothing too major except for a few buildings being damaged and a few people injured. Walking over to the nearby paramedics, Spider-Man looked down at the men and women who were injured. Before he got the chance to speak with the victims and apologize, they were rushed off in an ambulance to the nearest hospital.

"Thanks for stopping the Shocker, Spider-Man." One of the officers shouted over to him. "The Paramedics and the Police Force can handle the rest from here."

Spider-Man nodded, feeling guilty as he lifted his arm and shot a web strand onto a nearby building, swinging away from the scene.
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[Issue #5] Unite the Six: Shocking Turn of Events!
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